New Green Hands Programs Chug Along

Posted: 6/20/2018

Well into its third year of operation, the Green Hands Initiative constantly evolves. As the 2018 Amphitheatre event season dawned, so did two innovative programs designed to reduce the waste.


Green Hands meets the many issues involving single use plastic items head on with its Pint and Last Straw Programs.


The Pint Program took off quickly with cups selling out early in the season. The way it works is Amphitheatre-branded Tervis tumblers are sold for the initial low price of $10. These reusable 16 oz. lidded cups can be brought to any show and upon every refill patrons receive $1 off the purchase price of the drink. Also as part of the program, all single-use cups (which are biodegradable) have the "refill" option as well! One can bring a cup back to concessions to be refilled, for another way to eliminate waste.



The Last Straw Program has received great feedback as well. Concessions vendors no longer automatically give out straws with beverages. The available biodegradable straws are upon request only. As national (and worldwide) straw bans gain momentum, it feels right to be on the forefront of this movement here.


Both Green Hands Coordinator Jen Snare and the Amphitheatre’s Maintenance Manager Matt Pellicer have noticed a difference in the amount of waste and recyclable material generated after every event. Check out the Green Hands Instagram feed and  #refillnotlandfill for fun photos of happy concertgoers enjoying their beverages.


Speaking to both programs, Snare said, “It is filling a need with our fans, and we are excited to be able to help them reduce the amount of waste created at a show!”


Green Hands volunteers enjoy interacting with the community, answering questions and sharing information about our programs. We believe that small daily choices add up to big changes over time. Our hope is for concert and event patrons to spread the word throughout Northeast Florida or to whatever corner of the country they have travelled to enjoy a show.

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